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UCSF Medical Center is the leading healthcare provider in the world over. The center is recognized for innovative medical healthcare, high-level medical technology and comprehensive care. The hospital has been providing the best quality of healthcare treatment for more than a century.

For these and more reasons, patients have been coming from far distances to seek medical care and second opinions from the hospital.

Many insurance plans cover medical treatment but not travel expenses. This means that patients and their loved ones must make proper arrangements on how to keep their travel expenses low. If you are not able to cater for your travel expenses, you can check the directory of our charitable organizations that offer help in arranging cost-free travel for medical purposes.

If you cannot afford travel for medical treatment, use our directory of charitable organizations that can help arrange no-cost transportation for you.

About UCSF Medical Center

UCSF Medical Center is renownedall over the world for innovative healthcare, high-level of medical technology and ground-breaking medical research. According to ranking by U.S. News & World Report, the facility is recognized as among the top five healthcare providers in the United States. The facility has been in operation for more than hundred years, providing the best quality of healthcare.

Currently, the professionalism exhibited by this hospital covers almost all specializations, ranging from women health to cancer treatments. The doctors, nurses and other professionals in this hospital provide compassionate care leading to key health milestones. The facility receives innumerable gratitude letters from patients and their loved ones, showing the actual measure of caring and valuable services that the hospital offers.

UCSF Medical Center experiences millions of patient visits and approximately 46,000 admissions annually while more than 3,000 births happen at the facility. In a year, the hospital gets revenue of about 4.2 billion dollars from these services.

In this hospital, there are upwards of 12,000 staff and tens of healthcare locations scattered across San Francisco. There are also outreach clinics in Northern California and other areas. Parnassus and Mount Zion are the main hospitals, while the newest facility is located at Mission Bay.

UCSF Medical Center at Parnassus

Located at 505 Parnassus Avenue near Golden Gate Park, UCSF Medical Center at Parnassus hospital and clinics cover more than six blocks, sharing the expanse with UCSF schools of health sciences. Currently, the main hospital has 600 beds in two 15-storey adjoining buildings. However, the clinics are all at Medical Building 1 at 400 Parnassus Avenue just across the hospital. The department of emergency that treats more than 38,000 cases annually is situated eastwards of the hospital still on Parnassus Avenue.

If you are looking for a chance to offer voluntary services, the hospital has a Child Life Services stitching program that you can engage in if you are 18 years at the minimum. The knitting group provides a supportive environment for parents to do knitting and share with group members. This program is carried out on Monday evenings between 6 and 7.30pm.

At the UCSF Mission Bay, volunteer knitters teach expectant mothers in small groups once in a week. For those with musical talents, they can volunteer to comfort, soothe and encourage admitted patients Mondays through Thursday between 9am and 5pm.

Researchers in UCSF Medical Center

The researchers in this hospital are determined, bold and compassionate. They are continuously widening the boundaries of science while ensuring that the patient needs are remains the most important all the time. The hospital is recognized worldwide as having some of the talented, smartest medical researchers. The hospital’s faculty has been awarded all the leading health sciences prizes from National Medals of Science to Nobel Prizes. These professionals are true heroes committed to enhancing health for people from all regions.

The main thing about the success of UCSF research is team work. These professionals usually use an interdisciplinary approach even beyond the confines of UCSF in order to press forward the medical knowledge and come up with new approaches towards disease treatment.

Getting to UCSF Medical Center

By Air

Getting to UCSF Medical Center at Parnassus is easy. Here, the center is home to both outpatient and inpatient services, research institutes and training facilities. You can get to the center from any part of the world using air. This is because the area is served by three international airports. These international airports include the following;

  • San Francisco International Airport
  • Oakland International Airport
  • Mineta San Jose International Airport

Once you are in the airport of your choice, you can check for information from the information desks for details about traveling to UCSF Medical Center. There are both public and private traveling options to choose from once you have landed. You have the options of taking taxi, cab, Uber, private car hires, and airport shuttles that serve the regions around the hospital.

If you decide to use BART services from wherever you are located, these BART lines stop near UCSF Medical Center;

  • Bart – Pittsburg/Bay Point – Sfia/Millbrae

You also have the option of using light rail services, and the following Lightrail lines stop near UCSF Medical Center;

  • Lightrail– N

If you need to fly to UCSF Medical Center Stanford,use our Flight Search to find the best fares.The closest airport to UCSF Medical Center Stanford with commercial service is San Francisco International Airport. UCSF Medical Center Stanford is around 14 miles from San Francisco International Airport (Get Directions Here).

If you are flexible, or have not yet booked your appointment, use our Price Calendar to find the best days to fly and book your medical appointment accordingly.

By Public Transportation

There are many fleets of buses that serve the region and can be used to travel to UCSF Medical Center. The Parnassus campus of UCSF Medical Center can be accessed using Muni streetcar line N-Judah that stops at Second Avenue and Irving Street. Additionally, the following Muni bus lines can be used because they stop in front of the hospital;

  1. 43-Masonic*
  2. 6-Parnassus
  3. 66-Quintara

Once you are in any of the hospital locations, you can use the UCSF Shuttles to travel to all other hospital campuses free-of-charge. These shuttles depart from the main campus every 15 minutes. The following bus lines can also be used to travel to the hospital as they stop near;

  1. Bus – 43,
  2. Bus – 6,
  3. Bus – 7,
  • Uber and Lyft are inexpensive and convenient options for local transportation. Click on the links to sign up with one or both of these services before your trip.
  • If you need medical transport, for example, wheelchair transportation, use our medical transport directory to find options in the San Diego area.
  • Finally, if you would prefer to book a ride in advance, use our advance ride finder.

Lodging Options for UCSF Medical Center

If you are traveling to the UCSF Medical Center from far, there are quite a number of lodging options that you can use for your stay or visits to the hospital. The following hotels and lodging options provide short term accommodation to patients and their loved ones visiting the Parnassus campus of UCSF Medical Center. They are the most appropriate depending on the services, amenities provided and vicinity to the hospital facility;

  • AMSI:
  • Ashbury Garden Studio:
  • The Harper House:
  • The Herb’n Inn:
  • Inner Sunset Suite:
  • The Metro Hotel:
  • Page Street Apartments:
  • Rodeway Inn & Suites Ocean Beach:
  • Studio on Sixth:
  • Whitt Guest House

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