Travel to Primary Children’s Hospital

Intermountain Healthcare

Based in Utah, Intermountain Healthcare is a system of 22 not-for-profit health centers. This is a medical group that comprises of upwards of 1,600 physicians and clinicians offering services in around 180 clinics. They also have a health plan referred to as SelectHealth as well as other medical services. This system is recognized worldwide it its provision of high quality clinical and healthcare.

About Primary Children’s Hospital

The U.S. News & World Report ranked Primary Children’s Hospital as one of the leading best healthcare centers in the United States in all the 10 specialties. This was in its 2017-18 category of “Best Children Hospitals” rankings report. For cardiology, the hospital ahs been ranked among the top 15 while it remains one of the 24 hospitals in the US to have ever been ranked in 10 out of 10 ranking categories.

The high ranking of the hospital in all these categories and specialties provides a means of demonstrating to patients and their loved ones the high quality of healthcare services provided in this hospital. The statistics speak to the survival rates, procedure volume, sufficiency of nurses, and a lot more. Since the hospital’s inception in 2007 these rankings have laid emphasis on information that directly shows the performance of hospitals over physician opinions.

For these reasons and more, parents and loved ones with sick children travel from far and wide to enjoy these quality healthcare services. Patients travel from within and outside of the United States. This means that parents and guardians must make proper travel arrangements to and from the hospital.

Although many insurance companies pay for medical treatment costs, travel costs are not included. It is upon the duty of the parents and guardians to pay for these costs. If you as a parent or guardian are unable to meet these travel costs on your own, you can check the list of our charitable organizations that offer help in arranging cost-free medical travel.

If you cannot afford travel for medical treatment, use our directory of charitable organizations that can help arrange no-cost transportation for you.

Patient and Family Support Services

The hospital uses a patient and family-centered approach in its provision of quality medical care. This is through the inclusion of patients, families, and medical care givers. The hospital has created an atmosphere where the patient is put at the center while the families and staff work together to make sure that the following has happened;

  • That the patient is accorded dignity and respect
  • That the concerns of the patient and loved ones are well addressed
  • That a chance is given to the patients and families to take part in rounds and shifts report
  • That all work together for the patient to enjoy the best care

Art Therapy

Primary Children’s Hospital has brought together a team of art therapists. Art therapy is a form of treatment that targets the metal health. The therapy is used to assist patients, groups and families to safely communicate their emotions, deal with trauma, experience insights, release stress and anxiety and also enhance self-confidence via creative processes. The treatment is meant for everybody regardless of their age or artistic competence. Professionals in this area have master’s level qualifications in clinical medicine and trained in the use of art therapy in treatment processes. The focus of this therapy is not to enhance artistic competences rather it is on ensuring self-expression exploration of emotions and connecting with others among other therapeutic advantages.

Child Life Specialists

The hospital has assembled a team of professional child life specialists. These professionals are tasked with the duty of making sure that children being treated in the hospital experience as normal life as possible in the healthcare environment. They encourage the use of positive coping methods such as children’s play, activities that touch on self-expression, and age-respecting education and health preparation.

These child life specialists work in close collaboration with nurses, doctors, social workers, and other professionals to take care of the developmental, emotional and cultural expectations of every child patient.

How Can a Child Life Specialist Help My Family?

As advocates of family-centered care, child life specialists work in partnership with doctors, nurses, social workers, and others to meet the unique emotional, developmental, and cultural needs of each child and family. They provide information and resources for parents, and advocate for family-centered care. A child life specialist can help your family in many ways:

Language Services

For those children and parents that do not have English as their first language or with limited competences in English, Primary Children’s Hospital offers services in language interpretations. For the hearing impaired, assistance is provided so that the patient and their families understand everything. The interpretation is two-pronged; the hospital professionals are made to completely understand the patient’s health situation and history while the patients and families are made to understand the medical condition and treatment options available.

Language translators in Primary Children’s Hospital have proper formal qualifications such as Masters Degrees, Bachelors or Certificates in interpreter training. These experts are fluent in English and a second language. It should be noted that the Hospital’s policy does not allow members of the family or friends of the patients to be interpreters for the patient. This is because these guys may not possess the requisite medical prowess to deal with medical interpretations.

Getting to Primary Children’s Hospital

By Air

Getting to Primary Children’s Hospital from anywhere in the world is easy. Located in Slat Lake City, Utah, the hospital is accessible by air using the nearby airports. The two major airports that serve the hospital and neighboring regions include the following;

  • Salt Lake City International Airport
  • Evanston Wyoming Airport

There are other airports in Utah that one can use depending on where they are coming from. There is therefore multiple airports at your disposal. Once you are in the airport of your choice, you can choose to use a ground transportation method of your preference. There are rental cars, cabs and taxis that patients and their companions can use to travel from the airports to the hospital.

The area is served by commuter trains that are called FrontRunner that can be used for ground transportation. In addition to these, light-rail trains called TRAX can be useful in your medical transportation to the hospital.

If you need to fly to Primary Children’s Hospital Stanford,use our Flight Search to find the best fares.The closest airport to Primary Children’s Hospital Stanford with commercial service is Salt Lake City International Airport. Primary Children’s Hospital Stanford is around 9 miles from Salt Lake City International Airport (Get Directions Here).

If you are flexible, or have not yet booked your appointment, use our Price Calendar to find the best days to fly and book your medical appointment accordingly.

By Public Transportation

Utah Transit Authority (UTA) provides buses that connect to many of the Trax and FrontRunner stations. These buses can be used for transportation to anywhere in the region including Primary Children’s Hospital. It is good to note that during the Ski season, UTA offers ski buses that can also be used for transportation.

  • Uber and Lyft are inexpensive and convenient options for local transportation. Click on the links to sign up with one or both of these services before your trip.
  • If you need medical transport, for example, wheelchair transportation, use our medical transport directory to find options in the San Diego area.
  • Finally, if you would prefer to book a ride in advance, use our advance ride finder.

Lodging Options for Primary Children’s Hospital

For parents and guardians with their children being treated in the Primary Children’s Hospital, there are many lodging options to choose from. Depending on preferences, cost and amenities offered at different hotels near Primary Children’s Hospital, one can choose from quite a number. However, the vicinity to the hospital is of paramount importance. The following lodging options are all within three miles;

  • Salt Lake City Marriott University Park:
  • Hampton Inn – Suites Salt Lake City-Univ-Foothill Dr UT:
  • Oakwood At CityScapeApts:
  • Ellerbeck Mansion:
  • Salt Lake City Marriott City Center:
  • Oakwood City Creek Landing:

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