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Mayo Clinic has more than 3,300 scientists, physicians and researchers. These professionals use their expertise to empower patients from around the world. The clinic has state-of-the-art campuses In Rochester, Minnesota; Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona as well as Jacksonville in Fla. Mayo Clinic is therefore your best bet when it comes to quality healthcare provision.

Patients travel from far and wide to in search of high quality healthcare in the facility.

Although many insurance service providers cover treatment expenses, travel costs are not covered. Patients and their loved ones should therefore plan well so that travel expenses are put at the minimum. In case you are not able to meet your travel costs, you should check our directory of charitable organizations that help in arranging cost-free travel for medical reasons.

If you cannot afford travel for medical treatment, use our directory of charitable organizations that can help arrange no-cost transportation for you.

About Mayo Clinic Scottsdale

Mayo Clinic Scottsdale is dedicated to offering the highest level of medical healthcare. The Clinic seeks to provide inspiration and hope while contributing to good health and well-being. The Clinic seeks to this by ensuring best healthcare to every person visiting the clinic by use of comprehensive clinical practice, research and education. All this encapsulates what the clinic has been associated with through the years. The patient is considered as the focal point of all what the clinic does.

During its formative days, Dr. William J. Mayo (of the founders of the clinic) said that the best interest of the patient is the only interest that matters. That understanding has stood throughout the clinic’s past and present and at every of the Mayo site.

While putting the patient first, the Clinic focuses on improving its ability to do the following;

  • Work within many locations as a unified Clinic such that whichever the Mayo Clinic a patient is seen, they will expense the same quality of healthcare and have access to all resources from the Mayo Clinic as a whole.
  • Create a culture of quality and teamwork across all clinics and departments in order to ensure that every treatment is well examined to contribute to the highest levels of quality healthcare.
  • Use individualized medicine to look for answers for every patient so that the Clinic can understand diseases better at the genetic stage to effectively personalize every patient’s experience.
  • Transform healthcare delivery through improvements in sharing medical knowledge gained for the benefit of the clinic and the medicine practice in general.

The Mayo Clinic has assembled a development team that features professionals in content production and development, user experience and design as well as product management. Due to the fact that the scientists, physicians and other experts in medicine dedicate part of their medical time on their site development, the Clinic gives patients and other information-seekers a unique advantage to the experience, practice and knowledge of Mayo Clinic.

Getting to Mayo Clinic Scottsdale

By Air

Getting to Mayo Clinic Scottsdale from anywhere in the world is simple. Depending on the country you are coming from, you can access the Clinic using Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The airport is situated about 23 miles from this Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale campus. In this airport, you will get access to many international carriers as well as many domestic airlines. The choice to make will be dependent on where you are coming from, whether international or domestic travel. For those patients that also want to travel corporate, Scottsdale Airport is a perfect choice. Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport is another method through which patients can access the clinic.

There are other local, domestic airports that one can use when traveling from other States in the United States of America to reach Arizona. Among the local and domestic airports that can be used from around the country include Chandler, Casa Grande and Glendale.

Once you are already in the airport of your choice, you can choose the available transportation means to the Clinic. The airports have an information desk where patients can access different important information including getting to Mayo Clinic Scottsdale.

The Phoenix Sky Harbor International airport is served by many transportation options that include buses and light rails, PHX Sky Train, car rental services providers, taxis, RideShare, Limousines, scheduled bus services and cabs. The Clinic also offer courtesy shuttle services to patients from the clinics to the hospital.

It is also good to note that Mayo One Airplane is available for medical travels from anywhere in the world. The airplane provides safe, doctor-oriented air medical travel to any Mayo Clinic destination from anywhere in the world.

If you need to fly to Mayo Clinic Scottsdale Stanford,use our Flight Search to find the best fares. The closest airport to Mayo Clinic Scottsdale Stanford with commercial service is Phoenix Sky Harbor International airport. Mayo Clinic Scottsdale Stanford is around 21 miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor International airport (Get Directions Here).

If you are flexible, or have not yet booked your appointment, use our Price Calendar to find the best days to fly and book your medical appointment accordingly.

By Public Transportation

You can get to the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale by bus from the airports or any location near the clinic. This depends again on where you are coming from and the type of travel option you need. Getting to Mayo Clinic by bus is simple.

If you are coming from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Greyhound Buses provide the best options for your travel to the Clinic. These buses serve the airport from any location in the United States.

Other buses that can be used include Valley Metro Bus. Depending on the routes, Route 1, 13, 32 and 44 can be used from the Airport. Again, details of other transportation options are readily available at the information desks provided at the airports. Bus Line 81 stops near the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale. More stations are dependent on your departure areas and airports.

  • Uber and Lyft are inexpensive and convenient options for local transportation. Click on the links to sign up with one or both of these services before your trip.
  • If you need medical transport, for example, wheelchair transportation, use our medical transport directory to find options in the San Diego area.
  • Finally, if you would prefer to book a ride in advance, use our advance ride finder.

Lodging Options for Mayo Clinic Scottsdale

There are many lodging options for Mayo Clinic Scottsdale campus. If you do not stay in the area, you may choose a lodging option for you and your loved ones from the many hotels, campgrounds, resorts, RV parks, and suites that are within commuting distance from the hospital.

The Clinic offers a number of in-campus lodging options that persons with patients being seen at the clinics in Scottsdale and Phoenix can choose from. Among the most important to note here include the following;

  • Courtyard by Marriott Scottsdale at Mayo Clinic:
  • Residence Inn by Marriott Phoenix Desert View at Mayo Clinic:
  • The Village at Mayo Clinic:

Other lodging options for Mayo Clinic Scottsdale campus that are located out of campus include the following;

  • Fairmont Scottsdale Princess:
  • Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa:
  • Aloft Scottsdale:
  • BEST WESTERN PLUS Scottsdale Thunderbird Suites:
  • Courtyard by Marriott Scottsdale Old Town:

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